ProVargo Bar Management System


  • £1,095.00

ProVargo provides the complete solution for the bar management services and the user can enjoy peace of mind and complete control of all your beverage dispensing. Bar staff can now avail all the following features listed below:

  • Exceptionally fast, simple and accurate beverage dispensing. All waiters can dispense accurate two drinks at a time.
  • The visibility and light in the Wall-Rack units gives a better attention towards the liquor (Increases liquor sales at an average of 20%)
  • Accurate dispensing, no over pouring (5-10% in reduced purchasing costs)
  • Full control of all dispensing (10-20% extra turnover)
  • Never run out of products, due to real time low-stock notifications through the App
  • Timesaving automatic counting and stock control, by the push of a button – saves valuable time

The process could not be easier. Now just connect ProVargo System with your POS system to proceed with your transaction by choosing the product and payment method from your choice.


     Part: Price:
    Wireless Beer Free Flow Control Box (8 Beer Lines): 419 GBP
    Titan Flow-counter (10 m. wire included) 38.50 GBP
    WallRack-Unit, bracket 70cl/1liter included 44 GBP
    WallRack-Dispenser, one per WallRack-Unit: 8 GBP
    Wallrack Master, 60 units  570 GBP
    WirCloud solution, monthly licence fee: 1.25% of list price


    The monthly cloud licence fee includes:

    • Maintenance and hosting of the cloud.
    • Bulk function (Piece sales)
    • Ongoing updating of software.
    • App feature for real time push messages to smartphones, if chosen events occurs, like low stock in bar, attempt to cheat etc.