• £1,490.00

The Q-printer is a ticket printer developed by Q-Racker.
It runs on the latest Android OS, and is app based.
Different apps have different purposes, such as entry management, cloakroom management, and event management.

All apps are free of charge for Q-printer owners.

The Q-printer prints images such as logos, bar codes, and QR-codes.
It prints up to 60 tickets per minute.

The Q-printer keeps track of every transaction, and provides these in reports exportable to your PC/Mac via USB.
An advanced user system clarifies the responsible employee for each transaction.

The Q-printer can read and write onto RFID chips.
RFID chips can be used as for example electronic IDs or electronic wallets.
Tickets can be supplied with implemented RFID chips.

The Q-printer can be integrated with a cash drawer, customer pole display, credit card terminal, and other peripherals upon request, supplied by Q-systems.

Dimensions: D 333mm W 220mm H 290mm

Weight: 5.6kg